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Jun 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
. there haven't been a lot of good things, the nsa stuff in particular. the economy is beginning to look a little firmer. and so, usually, that is the fundamental push in the trend line. so, yeah, there is a little surprise there. >> bill: you know, all of the talk about -- of course, benghazi, the irs, the department of justice and then, as you points out, the nsa. it all had its impact the. on nsa, the president said the intelligence community has to explain what this program is all about. they made their first attempt saying this has foiled 50 different terrorist plots. do you think this buries the issue and americans will accept it and go along now? >> there are a couple of different layers to the issue. one is: do -- -- does the public generally accept the notion of vacuuming up all of this data? if it is persuaded that this is what is necessary to stop terrorist actions. my guess is the public would be split but basically lean towards favoring it. and as we have seen over the past couple of weeks in polling on this stuff. the second is: does the
Jun 20, 2013 3:00am PDT
to jamal, the economy is picking up but frankly, it is not picking up as fast in other parts of the country. if you really look at the environment is really kind of -- making this close. but again he's got a very strong case to make about budget reform. school reform. obviously gun violence reform which you know, he's delivered. >> bill: his response to hurricane sandy, he was right on it. >> that's actually where he scores the highest marks. this guy has strong leadership skills. >> so important when it comes time for a chief executive. he seems like he's kind of working from the heart. he seems like one of these guys speaking from the heart and doing what he thinks and feels right thing to do. people respond to that in the end. >> bill: two talkers here. you can get a word in edgewise here on the phone at 1-866-55-press. on twitter at bpshow and on facebook at gentlemen, president obama in europe yesterday. and he got a little -- you know, little flak on the news about nsa here in this country. got a little flak of all places, in germany about this. david lette
Jun 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
of which said let's stop talking about abortion and rape and start talking about jobs and the economy. and yet here we go. what is the house voting on? you cover it. this is their bill. >> they have a few things on the agenda. that is one of their prime legislative items. i think it will be later today or tomorrow. >> bill: so how does this -- again, i agree with you. we're not debating abortion here right? let's talk about the tactics of it. how does this expand the base and the outreach of the republican party? >> two women it doesn't -- to women, it doesn't help. >> bill: anybody they don't already have. >> especially when it comes to -- you know, when you're working on bills like this and it leads to moments that we heard from the arizona congressman with the rape and the pregnancy. >> when you have a full plate you make it fuller then there starts to be what i think of as seepage. meaning as you're trying to make the deal for a very important complicated bill like immigration, when you go talk to someone, if you're a whip or one of the lawmakers then you know. you have to say i c
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3